Portable Pampering

Mobile Beauty and Holistic Therapy
by Sara Shaffer

Mobile Beauty and Holistic Therapy
by Sara Shaffer


COVID-19 has an impact on all of us. My job is to pamper you and make you feel comfortable and safe during your treatment. During lockdown I completed many new qualifications in preparation for a safe reopening. Details of these can be seen below. Health and Safety and a safe return to work played an important role in my education and learning what is required to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness during your treatments.

I have compiled a COVID-19 Infection Control Policy (that is required by my insurance company) to provide clients with the knowledge of the practices I am putting in place to ensure they are kept safe and secure.

A full risk assessment has been undertaken, a copy of which is available upon request.

Courses and Qualifications


BARBICIDE® is known worldwide as the ultimate product for EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant used in salons, barber shops and spas. The iconic blue liquid is trusted and effective earning its reputation for creating a safe and clean salon. I use this product on a daily basis and have done so for many years. It is safe, reliable and efficient to use as a mobile therapist.


The Mundo range of hygiene and infection control products has been designed to ensure that high levels of hygiene are attainable regardless of your work environment. Products are manufactured to Medical Standards and the range is effective against fungi, viruses, spores and bacteria, including MRSA, E-Coli, Corona Virus and C-Dif. I use this within my daily practices

With the increase of infectious diseases it is vital that hygiene is taken seriously. Time spent disinfecting instruments and work surfaces and ensuring that hands are thoroughly cleansed and sanitised throughout the day will make a vast impact on the health of individuals and will minimise the risks of diseases being spread.


CORONAVIRUS Clinical Safety Course - click to view certificate

GTI COVID-19 Prevention and Control - click to view certificate

BARBICIDE COVID-19 Certification - click to view certificate

BARBICIDE Certification - click to view certificate

Salon Safety and Hygiene (Mundo) - click to view certificate

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If you have any questions or concerns about COVID-19, please send an email to sara@portablepampering.co.uk